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  • 21 Nov 00
  • JLA: ACT OF GOD #3

    JLA: ACT OF GOD #3

    By now, hopefully you have had a chance to get your hands on JLA: Act of God #1. If you haven't, do so! It is tremendous! Number 2 should be out soon, in the meantime, here is the scoop on Issue #3.

    Written by Doug Moench; art and cover by Dave Ross and George Freeman

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    ELSEWORLDS.In stores January 17. The result of all of Earth`s heroes losing their powers signals the start of a new era. From the ashes rises The Phoenix Group, a post-super-powered band that has trained under Batman to carry on the tradition of super-heroes - only this time, without the powers. Aquaman, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, and the Flash rededicate themselves to being humanity`s greatest heroes - but will they rise to the occasion when confronted with their first great challenge, or fall by the wayside like Earth`s other heroes?
    FC, 48 pg. (3 of 3) Prestige Format $4.95


    Artist Sean Phillips dropped into Newsarama ( www.fandom.com/comics ) to give them a look at some pages to his and writer Ed Brubaker’s March-shipping Batman Elseworlds 64-page special, Batman: Gotham Noir.

    Brubaker told them about the project in March of this past year…

    A 1940’s period piece, the story focus on Jim Gordon, as a shell-shocked World War II vet who has washed out of the police force. "It`s a tribute to Noir films, in general, as well as a chance to take those themes and structures, and apply them to the Batman world," explained the writer then. "It plays up Gotham as a corrupt city, and I actually based a lot of this on real Manhattan history. I just always wanted to do one of those, ‘man on the run in a corrupt town’ stories that they did so well in the ‘40s and ‘50s. And of course, there`s a mysterious creature of the night running around in there, too."

    "Sean’s intuitive method of breaking down the script was the perfect match for me, and he`s really giving it that cinematic feel, lots of wide shots and lots of tiny quick close-ups. It really feels right."

    View some Pages from Batman: Gotham Noir - Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 34

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